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Elastic webbing  See Video Click here

You can ship the aluminum frames at your cost and I will re-use the box and charge the same cost you paid to ship back plus replacement. Cost of materials included.

USPS: Is your best cost for seats and love seats (2 seaters) maximum size

UPS: 3 seaters

I also accept local drop-off appointments. Please call first. Ship Address: 208 Gillean Lane Holly Springs NC 27540

I replace the furniture webbing type seen in pictures with an aluminum frame or wood frame on wicker furniture.
Custom fitted with metal clip ends. I need measurements and send me a picture to price
Custom Furniture webbing


 *  Furniture re-webbing for cushion support.
2 or 3-inch wide webbing with or without metal fastener ends.

 * RESTORE OLD FURNITURE: This latex webbing replaces the old style tan Pirelli webbing or jute and is sturdy enough for both indoor furniture and outdoor patio and lawn furniture.
 * STURDY WEBBING: This high-quality chair webbing will not dry out or rot - When stretched across a chair frame, this webbing provides a durable firm foundation for cushions with just the right amount of give. Long-lasting effectiveness that can be used indoors and outdoors.
 * PREMIUM QUALITY: Our chair webbing is made strong, sturdy, and reliable.
    SPECS: Maximum Stretch 25%, Polypropylene Fibers 56%, Natural Rubber Threads 44%

Price according to how many feet and width of material.
Standard seat price approx $125




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LOCATED in Holly Springs NC
Barry Benitez
You live too far away to bring it?

I have a possible solution to that
Read on and see bottom of page

Or See  "Mail -it"  Above

Traditional Hand Caning
 is very expensive and time-consuming
We offer an alternative solution
you can get your chair back quickly
and a third of the price

Hand Cane Original

Every strand is woven into the holes.
Can take 48 hrs of tedious work and a holdup time of 5 weeks or more,
and can cost as much as $200- $300 Lounges even more

(Sometimes cost more than the value of the chair)


THIS OPTION : will look more like HAND CANING
 with the traditional edge woven look



Takes up to 3 Hrs work

(1-2 weeks or sooner wait time for work load ahead of you.)
Please note: Press cane material is a pre woven material that is woven
to a factory perfection.
Don't worry if the frame in the seat is cracked or broke along the holes in it.
This process can also strengthen and hold it together better
than the traditional Hand Caning.

Original above
New below

Open cane up to 16" seat
Over 16" ADD $4.45 per extra inches

If your chair  has woven trim around the edge where the cane goes in
and the material is seen on the underside with some knots.

The original material is left on the bottom to make the appearance of Hand caning

 If your chair  has woven trim around the edge where the cane goes in

Hand cane
  Convert to Press cane

 looks the same except the trim (Spline) does not have the
weave look. Its only done with a band around the edge (Spline)
A converting process is done to cut a
groove where the holes are to install press cane.
This will dramatically decrease the cost of
replacing the seat giving it the same look .

Open cane up to 16" seat

Over 16" ADD $4.40 per extra inches


If your chair already has a wood trim around the edge where the cane goes in



Open cane up to 16" seat

Over 16" Add $4.00 per extra inches

PRESS CANE has a groove dug out 
all around the circumference of the  chair seat or back. 
The cane is a pre woven material like fabric on a roll, 

and is pressed into that groove which
 is then glued down with a spline as a trim.





Custom Alterations

This chair never had caning in it and installed to receive a new look




You don't live in North Carolina
so What do you do?


SOAK IT to Last


The intricately woven stands of cane look great, but are expensive to replace before there time. When a cane seat starts to sag with use , extra strain is put on the strands around the chair edge. It doesn't take a crystal ball to see a broken seat in the near future.

Bringing the cane seat up tight and level again will help preserve the chair. Its a simple process of soaking and drying. The material used on your furniture is a live plant- the rattan vine. It does need periodic treatments to keep it alive just like your house plants need water!
Once or twice a year is suggested. It is also suggested to avoid direct sunlight from ultraviolet ray on natural finished wicker. It will dry out the material too quickly.

If you have one of those homes that is like a glass house, you may spray the material as often as you mist your plants.


Application:  On Machine or hand caning the underside of the material is the unfinished  ( Raw side ) Turn your chair upside down on the floor. With or without a mixture of one ounce Glycerin found in your drugs store and two quarts of water. Water by it self is fine, you just may need to do this more often. You can use a towel soaked in it and squeeze out so its not dripping. lay it out on the seat for about an hour. Remove the towel and let dry- ( NOT IN THE SUN- otherwise you wasted your time) Or make a mixture in a spray bottle and spray directly a good soak.

Any other wicker: Take it outside and wash it with your hose- it will love it! if it's natural and not painted. Natural because you want the water to soak in. Painted, your just washing off the dirt.( DO NOT USE A POWER WASHER )